TASBT Constitution and By Laws

TASBT Constitution & Bylaws



Revised June 27, 2000



ARTICLE I  –  Name

The name of the organization shall be:  The Texas Association for School Bus Technicians a sub group of the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation.

ARTICLE II  – Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

a. To provide a progressive training program for school bus technicians.

B. To improve, promote and develop the professional status of school bus

C. To work toward upgrading preventative school bus maintenance, utilizing high standards and efficient methods of operation.

D. To work closely with other local, state and national organizations in advancement of common laws that promote safe pupil transportation.

e. To support and promote activities which will further the aims of the association.
f. If for some reason that the Texas Association For School Bus Technicians was to dissolve the remaining balance in our funds would be turned over to The Texas Association of Pupil Transportation for their use.

ARTICLE III  – Membership

Section 1:  Membership in the organization shall be classified as active, associate and honorary.

Section 2:  Active membership shall be open to any Texas public school transportation employee associated with School Bus maintenance and repair.   Each active member shall have one vote upon paying the annual dues for the current fiscal year as set by the elected executive board.

Section 3:  Active members who retire may apply to become an honorary member.  The Executive Board will review all applicants for honorary membership for approval.  Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges of
active membership except they shall not be permitted to vote or hold office.   Honorary members are exempt from paying dues.

ARTICLE IV – Officers and Management

Section 1:  The officers of the association shall be: President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and Parliamentarian.

Section 2:  There shall be an Executive Board consisting of the above named officers and the immediate past President.

Section 3:  The Executive Board shall initiate and transact all business desirable for conducting the affairs of the association.  They shall make a report on the affairs of the association at the annual meeting.

Section 4:  The fiscal year shall run from T.A.P.T. annual state meeting to T.A.P.T. annual state meeting.

Section 5.  The Executive Board shall meet at least once a year prior to the annual conference of the association at a centralized location agreed to by all officers.  Special meetings of the Board may be called by the order of the President.

The President, in writing, shall direct the Secretary to notify the members of the Board, in writing, of the time, place and reason for said meeting at least one month prior to the date of said meeting.

Section 6:  The annual meeting shall be held during the annual T.A.P.T. conference and workshop for the school bus technicians.  A special meeting may be called by the President, or be a written request of one-forth of the total membership of the

Section 7:  The annual meeting shall affect all changes in the Constitution and by-laws, elect officers, initiate such business as it thinks desirable for the association, accept action taken by the Executive Board, or veto such action by a majority vote
of the voting members present at a regular or special meeting or a majority vote by mail of all voting members of the association.

Section 8:  Only active members with two consecutive years of membership in T.A.S.B.T. and T.A.P.T conference attendance prior to his/her nomination shall be eligible to be officers.

Section 9:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board.  He shall appoint all members of committee and shall perform all duties as are custom and parliamentary practice required of that office.

Section 10: The President -Elect shall assist the President in the performance of duties of that office and shall assume the duties of that office in the event of absence or disability of the President.

The President-Elect shall automatically succeed to the office of President upon the two-year completion of their term of office as president-elect.

Section 11: The Secretary shall perform such duties as delegated by the Executive Board.

Section 12: The Treasurer shall keep a detailed account of all receipts and disbursements and otherwise perform all duties pertaining to and required of the office.  The financial records shall be open for audit or review by the Executive Board or any
member at any time.

a. The Treasurer shall pay all claims approved by the President.

b. The Treasurer shall render a written statement at each meeting showing the receipts and disbursements of the association since its last meeting.

c. The treasurer shall at each annual meeting furnish the President a written statement showing the actual financial condition of the association.

d. The Treasurer shall at the expiration of their term of office, transfer to their successor in office, all monies, books, papers and other records and property in his/her possession belonging to the association prior to the first day of September.

e. The Treasurer shall submit the association’s financial records to the President prior to June 1st of each year.  The President shall submit the records to the Executive Board for approval prior to the annual meeting of the association.

Section 13. The Historian shall keep a visual record of the Texas Association for School Bus Technicians

Section 14. The Parliamentarian shall advise the Executive Board on questions of procedure in transacting the business of the assembly legally, efficiently and impartially.  The Parliamentarian shall keep the Constitution and By Law up to date.
The position of Parliamentarian is an appointed position of the Executive Board.
Section 15. The Area Representative responsibility is to help establish area or local chapters for TASBT. Each Area Representative will be a voting member on the executive board and will need to attend executive board meetings.

ARTICLE V  – Election of Officers

Section 1:         The officers for the association shall be elected at the annual meeting of
the association.

Section 2:  The term of office of President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian shall be for two consecutive year terms and shall expire at the conclusion of the annual meeting of the association.    In order to run for President Elect you must have served two consecutive years on the Executive Board.

Section 3.  In the event of a vacancy between elections, the office shall be filled by
The Executive Committee, excepting the office of President.  In the event
of a vacancy in the office of President, the president-elect shall move into
this office and shall serve to the end of the unexpired term as the acting

ARTICLE VI  – Appointive Committees

Section 1:  The President of the association may appoint such committee as may be necessary.


Section 1:  The Texas Association for School Bus Technicians shall conduct an annual meeting in conjunction with the annual T.A.P.T. training program for school bus technicians.

Section 2:  In all matters not covered by its Constitution and by-laws, the association
shall be governed by the provisions of Robert’s Rules of Order revised.

ARTICLE  – Membership Dues

The annual membership dues shall be determined on a yearly basis by the Executive Officers.   The dues for active members will not exceed $25.00 and associate members dues will not exceed $50.00.

ARTICLE  – Amendments

The constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the active members voting – these members being present at the annual conference.  The proposed amendments shall have been approved by the Executive Board at a meeting prior to the annual conference
for submission to the membership at the annual conference.

ARTICLE  –  Cooperating Organizations

The association shall provide the framework to enable interested groups to contribute to the effectiveness of the Texas Association for School Bus Technicians programs in schools.  All relationships between the association and non-educational
professional organizations interested in school bus safety shall be guided by fundamental education

The association will encourage this kind of cooperation but will not become affiliated with non-educational professional groups on a continuing basis or in other ways which would permit such groups to speak for the association.

ARTICLE  – T.A.P.T. Affiliation

It is the desire of the Texas Association for School Bus Technicians to be recognized by the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation as an affiliate.

The association shall conduct its business as to maintain a non-profit
financial status.


In case the association ceases or chooses to dissolve, the treasurer must
make sure all outstanding bills are paid and the final action of the
executive board is to transfer any remaining moneys to its parent’s
organization, Texas Association for Pupil Transportation.
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