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The purpose of this organization shall be

  • To provide a progressive training program for school bus technicians.
  • To improve, promote and develop the professional status of school bus technicians.
  • To improve preventative school bus maintenance, utilizing high standards and efficient methods of operation.
  • To support and promote activities which will enhance the purpose of the association.


Americas Best

The winners of the

2015 America’s Best event are…


Champion – Kirk Brooks, Indiana

1st – Runner up – Michael Holly, Arkansas

2nd – Runner up – Denver Foster, Georgia



Champion – Dustin Wells, North Carolina

1st – Runner up – Anthony Keshishian, California

2nd – Runner up – Kevin Vollweiler, Texas

Congratulations to all the contestants. You all are champions

Americas Best 2015

Americast Best 2015 awards



The TASBT would like to thank all of its sponsors and the TAPT for putting on a wonderful conference in Dallas this year!